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Prime Real Estate is a Kuwaiti company that targets Real Estate projects in the most prominent international markets. We conduct activities whether to buy, sell, operate or invest. Prime Real Estate is not limited to the mentioned but also includes a variety of after sales services in collaboration with a network of affiliated real estate companies.

Prime Real Estate is established in 2015 in the State of Kuwait and sought to provide unique real estate services to its clients in various fields of real estate services. It also offers a wide range of real estate consultancy to individuals and corporate investors. Prime Real Estate focuses on selected offshore markets including the Arabian Gulf, Europe, and Asia. Prime Real Estate employs international real estate professionals to source out and offer promising investment opportunities.

Prime Real Estate targets real estate opportunities operated in a stable political climate, proven good growth rates, and a suitable legislative environment to maximize investor returns.


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Dr. Abdullah Adel Al Falah


Dr. Abdulla Adel Al Falah is a real estate professional with many years of experience in local and offshore markets. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Redding in the United Kingdom majoring in Real Estate Finance. He received his master’s from the same university in 2013 and a Bachelor of Finance from Kuwait University. Dr. Al Falah is an activist and lecturer in the field of real estate investment. He is keen on educating potential and interested investors as well as the public to make more informed decisions. He is one of the few holders of higher degrees in real estate academics as well as practical field experience. Dr. Al-Falah also has various societal contributions in every community he was or still associated.

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